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Registering consists of the following:
1) Create a new Google Gmail account for storing your information.
2) Register on Tapeze.
For more information about the steps, please follow the guide below and its sample screens.

Steps to get started with Tapeze
1) Create a GMail account
- Go to www.google.com, sign out if you are currently signed in to a Gmail account, and click on the "Gmail" link at the top. Google
- Choose "Create an account >>" in the box on the right. GoogleGmail
- Enter account information. This information is used by Tapeze, so choose a password that is unique from any other password you use. GoogleCreateAccount
- Google may ask you to validate your Gmail account. Once that is done, you are finished with the Gmail setup process.
2) Register on Tapeze.
- At www.tapeze.com (this page), click on the "Register" link at the top of the page. Register
- Enter your Gmail account name, a password for your Tapeze account (not your GMail password), your email address, the code shown, and click on "Register New Id". Register
- Once entered correctly, choose "Enter remaining business information", or click on the "Your Company Information" link on the banner. Register
- Complete the remaining information. If in the USA, you must enter a ZIP code. For all accounts, you must enter the longitude and latitude, for the search capability. Then, click on "Update Tapeze". Register
- Congratulations! You are now registered to use Tapeze.
That's it! Now, you can upload information to your Google account, and it will show up in Tapeze.
Choose "Information Uploading" at the top of this page to find out how to update Google.