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Welcome to Tapeze™!, the new, free business networking application.
Now each company, organization and person can have their own iPhone presence!
Tapeze shares your contact info, calendar, photos, documents and blogs through the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, or through the web.
Home Page- provide contact info plus a bulletin board of upcoming events.
Calendar- keep your community up to date by sharing special events & offerings.
Photos- share images of events, products, location, staff, etc.
Documents- display menus, news, coupons.
Blogger- update users on events, discounts, trends, etc.

Tapeze links you to friends, customers & community in 3 easy steps:
1) Create a new Google™ account for use with Tapeze.
BettysBakery@gmail.com, PS1Soccer@gmail.com.

2) Register here. It’s free!

3) Upload info you want to share to your new Google account.
Store hours, daily specials, team calendar, wine tastings, photos, etc.

(Please create a new and separate Google account and password for use with Tapeze, as Google requires these from Tapeze to access your uploaded information. We aren’t associated with Google, we just like storing stuff there.)

Tapeze lets you tap the power of Google and the usability of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to share information from your organization. It’s a great new way to keep your community informed!


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